5 simple tricks to lose fat

drink water

5 simple tricks to lose fat

1. Increase NEAT

What’s NEAT? It stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Or, simply how many calories we burn doing our day to day business. A lot of people don’t realise they are burning calories all day. Hoovering up? Burning calories. Washing up? Burning calories. There are choices you can make on a daily basis which can help INCREASE this calorie burn. Take the stairs at work instead of the lift. Walk to the shops rather than drive. These small changes will all add up.

2. Zero/Low calorie options

We live in a world now where there is a lower calorie version of everything. An easy way to cut calories is switch out the foods you’re eating for their lower calorie alternative. Have a can of coke a day? Opt for Coke zero. That Coffee you’re drinking with whole milk/cream? Switch to skimmed or black coffee. These little adjustments to the food and drinks you consume on a daily basis will add up to a few hundred each day.

3. Food volume

Throw out the junk food and replace it with a meal that’s more filling. Junk food is generally dense in calories. Meaning you don’t have to eat a lot of it, to get a lot of calories. Because the volume of food is low, it’s very easy to over-consume it meaning even MORE calories. When making food choices, think about the volume of food you’re eating in return for the calories.

4. Throw out the treadmill

Implement H.I.I.T (High intensity interval training). This is 10 seconds of MAX EFFORT; we’re talking all out, leaving nothing left in the tank. Then give yourself 2 minutes rest. YES 2 minutes. The point is, that 10 seconds should leave you in a pit. You should feel like you can’t do anymore. This is why we give you such a long rest period compared to work period.


Stay well hydrated throughout the day, drinking minimum 3L a day. Water helps to flush the body of toxins. Helps with performance in the gym. Helps maintain clear skin. DRINK MORE WATER.

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